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Shell candles

Shell candles

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Introducing our Shell candles! 

These shell candles provide a beautiful look in your interior. Shells symbolize important aspects of life such as birth, sexuality and grief.

Would you like to order these shell candles in larger quantities for a special occasion? Contact us at !

Dimensions small shell:  height: 4.5 cm, width: 5.5 cm, depth: 3.5 cm. 42 g.

Dimensions big shell:  height: 7.5 cm, width: 10 cm, depth: 4.5 cm. 151 g.

Our sculptural candles are designed for decorative purposes. Of course you can also burn the candles. Then read our tips for a longer burning time.

Burn our candles at your own risk.
Marèntho is in no way liable for injury and/or damage.

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