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Bubble candle set

Bubble candle set

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Introducing our Bubble candle set! 

You have certainly already seen them on the internet or social media...The bubble candles! Available from us in the small shape and the "normal" shape!

The bubble candles look good in any interior and are also very nice to give as a gift.

What do you get when you buy this set of candles? 
The set consists of a small bubble candle and a normal bubble candle.

Would you like to order these bubble candles in larger quantities for a special occasion? Contact us at !

Dimensions small bubble candle:  height: 3.5 cm, width: 4 cm, depth: 4 cm. 40 g.

Dimensions normal bubble candle:  height: 6 cm, width: 6 cm, depth: 6 cm. 167 g.

Our sculptural candles are designed for decorative purposes. Of course you can also burn the candles. Then read our tips for a longer burning time.

Burn our candles at your own risk.
Marèntho is in no way liable for injury and/or damage.

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